Spy Cam-2

Spy Cam-2

Spy Cam-2

Brand: Silverlit
Product Code: SE84601
RRP: £69.99

Silverlit's brilliant Spy Cam-2 2.4GHz helicopter has a built in 64 MB memory, and can take up to one minute of high definition VGA video, or three hundred 1280 x 960 resolution photos whilst flying. The memory may be upgraded by using an external micro SD card (not included). Features a contra rotating rotor design for an extremely stable hover, combined with a sophisticated electronic heading lock gyro system for superb directional stability, and taking the clearest pictures. Download the videos and photos from the Spy Cam-2 helicopter to a computer with the USB lead supplied, and use the complimentary graphic software provided to adjust the picture quality, for the best possible reproduction.

The three channel 2.4GHz gyro chopper represents brilliant build quality and content, and has been beautifully designed for operation by both youngsters and adults, offering a smooth and carefully controlled performance. Stable and fun to fly indoors in a reasonable size room, or outdoors in calm conditions, the Spy Cam-2 is remarkably robust made of impact resistant plastic, and includes a flashing red power indicator, plus a white LED spotlight that illuminates when filming.

Suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts, steer the chopper by simply moving the transmitter joy stick left or right, whilst operating the throttle to take off, hover and land. The sensational Spy Cam-2 is nineteen centimetres long, incorporates a lightweight lithium polymer battery and will fly for up to ten minutes, whilst recharging direct from the transmitter, or a computer USB port with the cable provided, in less than half an hour.

The superb Silverlit Power in Air packaging includes a fully assembled helicopter with integral camera supplied ready-to-fly, complete with a pre-installed three channel proportional radio control system, graphic software, an informative flight manual, a USB lead and two spare tail rotors. The Spy Cam-2 is available in three attractive colour schemes, with the 2.4GHz facility allowing up to ten similar specification models to be flown together. As the assortment varies, we are unable to guarantee which colour product or remote control band you will receive. Requires 6 x AA alkaline batteries and optional micro SD card (not included)

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