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Micro Finger Kite

Micro Finger Kites. Now available in 6 styles. Fully functional miniature Nylon kites featuring fibreglass rods offered with finger rings, line and flight manual.

Malibu Magic Kite

The miniature Malibu Magic Kite will fly indoors too!...

Surfer Kite

Length 3' (90cm)

4' Delta Kite

4' (120cm) Rip-Stop Nylon Delta kites. Assorted colours/designs.

4' Snap Stunt Kite

4' (120cm) Inexpensive duel line Stunt Kite. Assorted colours/designs.

Viper Stunter

Impressive 6' (180cm) Stunt Kite for ultimate excitement and manoeuvrability!...
Assorted colours/designs.