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Malibu Magic Kite

The miniature Malibu Magic Kite will fly indoors too!...

Micro Finger Kite

Micro Finger Kites. Now available in 6 styles. Fully functional miniature Nylon kites featuring fibreglass rods offered with finger rings, line and flight manual.

Surfer Kite

Length 3' (90cm)

4' Delta Kite

4' (120cm) Rip-Stop Nylon Delta kites. Assorted colours/designs.

4' Snap Stunt Kite

4' (120cm) Inexpensive duel line Stunt Kite. Assorted colours/designs.

Viper Stunter

Impressive 6' (180cm) Stunt Kite for ultimate excitement and manoeuvrability!...
Assorted colours/designs.